We’re just learning the ropes at WordPress!

Greetings from the ChaosNova Writing Corner! 2020 has been interesting (ha!) and somewhere in the middle we also needed to move the site. We’re gonna transfer some old content into the new format and maybe cut some fluff on the way. We’re also kinda unskilled and our time management is chaotic, so there shall be various states of not quite complete on the way (looking at the “Books” section).

Meanwhile, this is where you can find our books:

Seeker – https://books2read.com/ChaosNovaSeeker

Seeker (Italian) – https://books2read.com/u/mlaoOA

Kau D’Varza – https://books2read.com/KauDvarza

Outrunners – https://books2read.com/OutrunnersFromTheRuins

And this is where you can find our sporadic creative updates:

@KaosNovaWriting – https://twitter.com/KaosNovaWriting

@KnuxV1 – https://twitter.com/KnuxV1